Transform your approach to ultra-high net worth portfolio management.

Our innovative technology platform is purpose-built for wealth owners and sets a new, better standard for accuracy.


Seamlessly collect, aggregate and normalize investment data.

Efficiently collect and aggregate data with innovative technology that captures 3x more transaction data than leading aggregators to ensure you have the level of detail needed for accurate performance reporting.

Bespoke bank data feeds provide faster,
better access to data across available asset classes, going above and beyond passive, ineffective screen scraping techniques.

An additional layer of proprietary
authentication ensures you get the most
accurate and comprehensive investment
data to support your portfolio management and reporting efforts.


Improve investment data accuracy with near real-time data reconciliation and validation.

Benefit from a parallel investment ledger that spans banks and investments to automatically flag data anomalies.

The Private Wealth Systems platform flags and automatically resolves pricing discrepancies – removing administrative burden from you.

Leverage our team of experts to resolve more nuanced investment data integrity issues in collaboration with your bank.


Gain faster portfolio insights and quickly generate reports for wealth owners and stakeholders.
Get more accurate reports calculated from daily performance. Unlike other platforms, Private Wealth Systems works on trade date, accounting only for when an asset is owned.
Benefit from a flexible reporting interface that allows for personalized classifications at the holding, account, entity, and portfolio level, without duplicating holdings or transaction recordings on the back-end.
Gain a single view of your portfolio across both public and private assets to more effectively manage wealth and make better investment decisions.


Free up more time for investment analysis, portfolio evolution and growth.
With data aggregation, reconciliation and validation handled by the Private Wealth Systems platform, you gain more time to focus on strategic investment decisions.
Flexible dashboards empower wealth owners and enable faster reporting, reducing overhead and allowing more resources to be directed to investment
Private Wealth Systems enables you to quickly model new investment strategies and evolve your multi-asset class portfolio from a single platform.

Experience the Private Wealth Systems difference.

Technology built for UHNW portfolios Unique data model for unmatched flexibility Industry-leading data accuracy
Family-office backed
No AUM pricing
Cloud-based agility and scalability

Don't Settle for wealth manageMent technology designed for the masses

Private Wealth Systems is uniquely designed for ultra-high net worth portfolio management.

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